UK Barista Jam

Today was the UK’s second ever Barista Jam at La Spaziale in chesterfield. I was lucky enough to be the roaster sponsor and gave a couple of presentations and some practical roasting sessions on the sample roasters.

A few things to come from the Jam. One, I really like coffee people, and two, no matter how hard I try my latte art is very poor.

Some photos from the event.

We Meet Up.
We Meet Up

Simon Robertson’s Latte Art Talk (of which I was really rubbish at)

Simon Robertson
Steve Penk takes up roasting for *$’s
Penk Burns coffee
More of the Roasting Course.

Roasting Team 1

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  1. He, is that the spoon I sent you on the Pic in Jim’s blog? 🙂

  2. how many people at the jam, steve?

  3. Hi Lukas It wasnt your spoon, but I’ve been useing it, and its very cool.

    Hi Aaron there were 12 baristas and around 6 or 7 sesion leaders organisers.


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