Enjoying other peoples coffee

Sorry I’ve been quite for a while, but I kind of thought you may have got bored of me with my flurry of posts over the past weeks.

Its been busy in the world of has bean. My new sample roasters arrived very big, very lovely

Sample Roasters

I’ve also agreed to be the bean/roaster sponsor for the 2nd UK barista Jam, and I also have to give a talk/presentation on all things roasting, that will be …… different. For more info about the event, and all those who want to attend contact La Spaziale UK for more details or ask here in the comments, and I’ll get them forwarded.

I’ve also spent some time just enjoying coffee. Strange to hear me say that but it has been pleasurable. My good friend Joel Pollock at Stumptown roasters sent me some goodies to drink and a cool T short for me and my good lady.

I’ve heard a lot about Hairbender their espresso blend so that was nice to see in there. My opinion is 12 months ago I would have hated this coffee, but my tastes and appreciation for fine espresso has grown and now it was fantastic. Not for everybody and on the wrong machine this wouldn’t be good at all, but when you pull the sweet spot its good. The heart warming thing for me was with all there reputation and staff  and resources they have and there background my coffee can stand side by side in this kind of company, and it would come down to personal taste.

Hairbender Espresso
So I said enjoy and I think this was because of one reason. When you do all the effort, and when you know the coffee and the blends so well (trust me I know our coffees inside out) its great sometimes for someone else to do the work (selecting, roasting preparation) and for me to just do the drinking. A good friend of mine was saying the same to me. He home roasts and enjoys his coffee, but there is a little something else when someone else’s time effort and love goes into the coffee.

The other was a wild Ethiopian Lima which was really wild and I’ll try and compose some thoughts on it after a few more cups, as at the moment I’m not sure what to think.

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  1. those double barrelers look saweet!

  2. Wow! That’s fantastic! Who makes those sample roasters? You must be in heaven. I’m using a ambex 2k for sampling and it’s a bit of a pain. I’m hoping one of these days I can afford a proper sample roaster or two or three.

  3. Yes larry there wicked roasted, been most pleased. The ambex would be fine but those little COE samples wouldnt go far. I’ll send you a mail about the sample roasters there really good value compared to probat etc.

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