My French Press has had its day?

My love for the Aerobe aeropress has grown and grown since getting one of the little blighters. I’ve noticed I’m hardly using my french press any more, and my filter machine hasn’t had anything through it for a while. I still reach for the Cona pot at the weekends, but that’s a little less too. I drink no espresso drinks at home as my machine needs some attention and its all I drink during the week at the roastery, its nice to have something different.  My Aerobe has taken over my home coffee life and I don’t mind one little bit 🙂

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  1. i almost never press a coffee anymore. it’s almost exclusively aeropress.

    i have noticed that particular aeropress taste, though, that seems a bit deeper than press, pour over, etc. every once in a while i think about it an am *slightly* wishing for a *slightly* brighter taste. do you know what i mean?

    not that it’s going to stop me from my aeropress.

  2. Ha! I was thinking in the same lines, until I tried a not-so-fresh bean in the aeropress. I know, I shouldn’t have not-so-fresh beans, but anyway. It tasted outright flat and stale through the aeropress. I was about to throw them all away until I had visitors and prepared the same beans in the vacpot. It was stunning to see that the vacpot did make a very nice cup out of it, with the typical flavorprofile of a vacpot, albeit a bit “gentle” in taste, but very nice. At the same time with the aeropress I get nothing really drinkable because of staleness.

  3. Out of interest – how are you dosing the Aeropress? I tend to use two scoops of fine grounds, and add water to just above the 1 to get a short and intense espresso-style brew. As a press/pour over replacement are you using less beans and more water?

  4. I grind and dose frenchpress-style – about 1 1/2 measuring spoons (should be between 9-13grams) of relatively coarse ground coffee, water until it’s full and a 30 second infusion time. Love that taste 🙂
    Ah, and I use the reverse method: filter off & aeropress upside down.

  5. One of the many things I love about the press is the different results you get from grind and dose and extraction time, so I tend to play around all the time.

    I never go for the espresso style type of shot and always make it longer by adding two thirds hot water. It isn’t espresso never was never will be, it is its own brewing method that is unique.

    I agree Aaron about the deeper taste, but I kind of like it.

  6. be looking for a coffee press blog technical post on the aeropress in the next few days. my answer to the upside down, felt filter post i’ve seen floating around on the net.

  7. All espresso, Aerobie and now vac-pot here ….. drip and French press no longer do it for us. All your fault Steve of course! 😉

  8. on cona vac pots…..i’m getting tempted 🙂 skint as i am it’ll have to wait a little while but when i do think about it more seriously…which size should i go for? it’ll really just be for me drinking alone 🙁 but at times possibly to make a mug for me and some other lucky individual. so should i go for model “B” (1 pint) or “C” (1.5 pint)? i’ve heard the smaller they are the better the coffee is.

  9. We got the 6 cup Santos, LC, and it is plenty big enough for 3 mugs. Steve told us that the smaller one is perfect for home use. If it is just you, the 1 pint Cona should be plenty as it is easily 2 mugs 🙂

  10. Yes I would go for the 1 pint version its enough for just a couple of cups and if you have guests then just make two 🙂

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