• Day Six of my coffee Trip Caranavi

    So today I’m in the same place for 24 hours. No cars, no planes, no mountain bikes sitting in a lovely lab cupping lovely coffees. But still time to think and still time to worry about the star of Bolivian coffee. and worry I do, we could be witnessing the permanent decline of Bolivian coffee.… Continue Reading

  • Day Five my coffee trip in La Paz

    A little later than I might of hoped, but the one thing about Bolivia is the internet sucks. I’m living my life through a gprs signal, and downloading an email takes 5 mins, let alone uploading g some audio. but we are here, it has nothing to do with coffee, but a little to do… Continue Reading

  • Day Four my coffee trip in Bogota

    today is less coffee farm more coffee, I’m cupping in the labs of the exporter and talking coffee. I talk about the interesting set up in Colombia and why theres been a sea change in the varietals seen here

  • More Colombian Ramblings pt3

    Day three of my travel diary sees me in Tarqui in Huila Colombia and visiting one of the finest farmers we buy from any where. Alexis Trujillo owns just one hector of land, which means he produces around 10-12 bags a year in total. I wanted to see how a small producer can make a… Continue Reading