• Direct Trade Sucks

    So the last blog post here was about my sourcing visit to Bolivia. I planned to continue the blog post whilst doing the same task in Colombia, but a last minute change of plan from one of my hosts threw it all in the air. The farmer had decided, after months of our joint planning,… Continue Reading

  • Day 4 Shopping is important

    So for most of yesterday I cupped. I cupped lots of amazing pre-shipment coffees for us to make some buying decisions. And don’t get me wrong, that’s fun, but for me these trips are about meeting people – seeing the colour of each others’ eyes – and getting an understanding of the challenges of the… Continue Reading

  • Day 3 Rain Rain Go Away

    Rain rain go away come back another day. So everyone thinks I come on these buying trips and sunbathe and relax, and there is some relaxing, but it’s mainly busy busy. I sit here writing this blog post in the rain, not pitter patter rain but throwing down and bouncing off the roof rain. This… Continue Reading

  • No Machacamarca this year :(

    So keeping to my promise so far, day 1 of my keeping a travel-type diary alive This time it’s an audioboo. I’m not sure why I’m attracted to audioboo with an accent like this, but it’s so much easier than typing (wuth mu bad spellun). This is a sad story, and one where I need… Continue Reading