Thank you to whomever

I received a lovely gift on Friday but I don’t know from whom. The postman brought it from Photbox but no note, no email to say who its from just a lovely mug from my time in Iceland.

Thank you to whomever it was, I was most pleased, please let me know so I can sing your praises on in My Mug.

And if you remain anonomous thank you, it brought a massive smile to my face.



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  1. Mystery Solved thank you Chris who very kindly donated the mug, a regular viewer of the in my mugs vides he said

    “I thought those two images were too good not to immortalise.”

    I’ll second that thank you so much Chris

  2. That is bloody awesome!! What a cool idea! The before/after photos are terrific. I am so glad YOU won the auction to knock over those cups – I don’t think anybody else would’ve taken that dive 🙂

  3. What a lovely gesture! 🙂

    And I agree with Klaus, there could be only one person 😉

  4. What a brilliant gesture!


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