• A small post on Bolivia Machacamarca

    So as that title say’s this is going to be a very small post, but sprucing up this blog, I read over some of the older posts (I really think you should too, I used to write some ok stuff), and I realised I had not told you there latest news and what is happening… Continue Reading

  • Viva El Salvador

    I am a very happy boy. I am very happy because the first of my two El Salvador containers have arrived. This year it’s taken an awful lot of work: a lot more work than normal. We have quite a few relationships in El Salvador so that can make it hard, and all of them… Continue Reading

  • Inside Llewyn Davis – Greenwich Village Blend

    We were recently contacted to see if any of our wholesale customers wanted to help spread the word about the release of the Coen Brothers’ highly anticipated new film, Inside Llewyn Davis (in cinemas on 24th January). The film documents a week in the life of an aspiring musician within 60’s greenwich village and StudioCanal… Continue Reading

  • Guest Blend Subscription 2014

    Last years Guest Blend Subscription went down rather well. But it was lots of work energy and money to make it all happen, and I didn’t want to do more of the same. So we decided that it might be fun to involve some of the amazing coffee shops we work with and share with… Continue Reading

  • The Soap Opera Ends

    At Last the Soap opera is over. One of the most emotive and responded-to blog posts I have ever done was this one here, on the plight of the amazing farm Machacamrca. http://www.hasblog.co.uk/no-machacamarca-this-year I did and update a few months back here http://www.hasblog.co.uk/machacamrca-update where things looked to be getting better It was a truly sad… Continue Reading

  • FREE Espresso Training Book

    In April we released an E Book for Ipad owners to read and enjoy. Apparently not all of you share my apple addiction, so we have managed to export this into a hand PDF so you can all stop being angry at me now. We get asked about how to prepare espresso a lot, what… Continue Reading