Tamper Tantrum episode the 5th

This has ben out a few days and forgot to tell you all but the 5th Tamper Tantrum has been released at but you can also check it out here.

For me its the geekiest, and most down and dirty episode we have done, we talk about the uber boiler, we talk about the extract mojo and we also do a reverse vacuum pot and get shocked by some of the extraction results.

Special guests of Mr David Walsh from and the brewed coffee legend known as Mr Paul Stack from Marco and

Tamper Tantrum Episode the 5th from Stephen Leighton

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  1. Any chance of doing an audio only version of these Steve? Watching them is great, but just the sheer file size tends to be something of an obstacle for me :s

  2. 100% just need to find time and a tiny bit of cash for the feed, but will be in place for the next one I hope.

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