Silly 40 second video

Something I wanted to do while I was away was to make a silly little video.

Its 40 seconds of self indulgence for me, while I was on Fazenda Cachoeria, but I hope you wont mind.

My Silly Video from Stephen Leighton

Silly ? Yes, bit of fun? Yes, to be taken seriously? no :)

Latest Comments

  1. Mark Pearce says:

    Brilliant. I had a LOL moment!

  2. Keith Perry says:

    Too much coffee dude!

  3. David Dunlop says:

    If this is your review of the lastest crop of Cachoeira, i’ll take a kilo. Does that funky music start when you open the bag??

  4. Mike Crimmins says:

    LOL! Looks like someone was enjoying their vacation.

    I’ll also take some of that coffee!

  5. lastcoyote says:

    very benny hill there stephen! made me smile…so job done :)

  6. GreenBean says:

    No… no .. you have not got it right! You should be chasing a bevy of young ladies in various stages of undress. Now do it again, and do it right this time!

  7. CakeBoy says:

    As the man said …. box of frogs :)

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