Something I wanted to do while I was away was to make a silly little video.

Its 40 seconds of self indulgence for me, while I was on Fazenda Cachoeria, but I hope you wont mind.

My Silly Video from Stephen Leighton

Silly ? Yes, bit of fun? Yes, to be taken seriously? no :)

7 thoughts on “Silly 40 second video

  1. Mark Pearce

    Brilliant. I had a LOL moment!

  2. Keith Perry

    Too much coffee dude!

  3. David Dunlop

    If this is your review of the lastest crop of Cachoeira, i’ll take a kilo. Does that funky music start when you open the bag??

  4. LOL! Looks like someone was enjoying their vacation.

    I’ll also take some of that coffee!

  5. very benny hill there stephen! made me smile…so job done :)

  6. GreenBean

    No… no .. you have not got it right! You should be chasing a bevy of young ladies in various stages of undress. Now do it again, and do it right this time!

  7. As the man said …. box of frogs :)

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