Chemex brew guide mk 2

We started our brew guide videos back in 2012 and we now have 13 videos that help you get the best out of your brew methods. Most of them haven’t changed, and are as useful today as on day one. But being the king of Chemex, I’m always tinkering with my brew style. (You can see all our brew guides here)

So I decided that it was time to make a version 2 and update it. Small changes, but I believe small changes that will improve your cup. You can take a look at it below or the link here

A video of me

I know the internet has far too many videos of me and far too few of kittens and puppies, but most of them have been made by me. This time some one else made a video with me in, so its new and noteworthy and I’m going to share it with you.


Liam from Bean Label ask’s me lots of questions about how has bean started, growing up, in my mug, wine blogs and politics, all lots of fun, and hopefully a good watch.


You should check some of this other videos out here too 

Vincent Paye from Bolivia Copacabana

Vincent is a coffee producer in Caranarvi who is pushing the envelope for production in the area. Which is unusual as in Boliva there are few doing a good job let alone pushing the boundaries.

Bolivia is a tough place t0 grow coffee, so we are very proud that Vincent sells his coffee to us. Watch the whole in my mug at (after the 19th of April)

Or you can but it here

Flashback Friday

All the best ideas come over coffee or beer. This one was over beer last night with Dale. We decided that and every friday, were going to look back at a photo or a blog post or something that was happening during this week over the previous years. I’m very excited to start this, I hope to keep it up too, the best way to make sure I do is with encouraging comments tweets and emails.

We have such a back catalogue of amazing videos, photos and resources that each week I will trawl the archives for something amazing that you may have missed or will make you smile.

And if your going to start, start with a bang and my all time favourite in my mug I ever did this week back in 2010 with Mario and Lupe of Bolivia Machacamrca fame, while I was out there on the farm. 28 minute of amazing video, and the amazing memories came flooding back what flashback friday should be about.

With all thats happened to the farm since then, knowing what we know now (see here) it makes it even more special.

Good memories, see you next friday.