• New Blog

    Ok I have no Shame, I’ve copied our friend James Hoffmann and swapped our blog across to a package called WordPress. Like James I wanted something a little more flexible and better for our blog and here it is. You can now add comments and the RSS feed is much better than the old. We… Continue Reading

  • Hottop Sale !

    We are having a hottop sale. We have taken delivery of a small number of Hottops at a special price and we wanted to pass this onto you guys. It’s a limited number and once they’re gone we need to talk to Chang Yue and see what we can do, but this is a tester… Continue Reading

  • Cupping Bowls and Article

    We have taken delivery of some cool cupping bowls. I’m a bit beaten up by customs and excise bringing them in and some hidden costs we didn’t know about, but we are still happy to be (as far as I can see) the only website in Europe (maybe even the world) taking these professional style… Continue Reading

  • The Man on the ground

    Our man on the ground in Honduras has sent us a picture of our sack waiting to be filled with our cup of excellence award winning coffee. To you it’s a sack to me it’s freaking cool Well I’m excited anyway

  • Use your votes now !

    People, may I have your attention. YOUR COFFEE ROASTER NEEDS YOU! I’ll explain some more. Some kind soul has put us forward for local hero of the year from UKTV’s UK Food channel. Now were not much for awards, yes there nice but this one really wet my appetite. It’s an award for people doing… Continue Reading

  • Shock Stop the press

    Ok, I’m going to say something deeply unpopular in current coffee circles, and really out of trend, but I don’t care, as its what I think. Espresso is not the be all and end all in the world of coffee. See I’ve done it. I’ll try and explain why I think this to give you… Continue Reading