• Dublin Pt 3

    Dublin pt3. So the games commence. This morning there were to presentations, one on green beans and the other on Coffee roasting. Both of them were very interesting and informative, in not a little lacking on the quality aspects, and much more on the nuts and bolts. The green bean was very commodity market orientated,… Continue Reading

  • Update pt 2 Dublin

    Old red eyes is back.. Tonight the respective teams had the first round of battle in the form of a quiz. Of course its 1-0 to the UK taking the lead in the first round

  • Dublin Pt 1

    Ok as promised updates from the European Team Coffee Challenge in Dublin. As you can see I’m posting so the journey was a safe one. I found out yesterday the event doesn’t begin until tomorrow, so my 5:30am alarm call wasn’t really necessary. But getting here early did give me a chance to explore Dublin… Continue Reading

  • Off to Dublin for the weekend

    This weekend I’m visiting the emerald isles, Dublin in particular to go watch the first ever, European Team Coffee Championships. I’m really looking forward to it, should be great laugh to meet up with online personas of the coffee world. I’ll hopefully blog, and put up some pictures over the weekend, and let you know… Continue Reading