• Another afternoon in Hot Hot London

    Another day another cupping down in London. I was at our friends Mercanta, cupping the cup of excellence lots for Nicaragua and Honduras, Great table and some sure fire Has Bean lots there. Great quality (as you would expect), but really unusual cups. We haven’t stocked Honduras for a long time due to a mixture… Continue Reading

  • New Beans and finally Canario

    Its been a while since we have had some new beans. When your happy with the range, and nothings coming along in cuppings then why change. I’ve had the “pleasure” of cupping new crop decaf’s and we see the tolima and the Sumatra return of which I’m pleased. More interestingly is the Daterra peaberry, which… Continue Reading

  • Caffe Culture 2006

    The Busy week ContinuesAnother busy week for Has Bean coffee, and me. We exhibited for the first time ever at an event. It was called Caffe Culture in Olympia in west London. Why? Well trying to convince coffee shops to stop stocking big brand name coffee’s and start stocking some quality specialty coffee. We will… Continue Reading

  • Bern 2006 World of Coffee

    (Warning, not proof read and written in a tired state on the trip home from Bern Switzerland). There will be spelling mistakes and grammar problems sorry).Ok, just on the way back from the SPECIALTY coffee association of Europe conference (although there were times I wondered if it was Specialty). Bern Switzerland is a lovely place,… Continue Reading

  • Boliva cup of Excellence 2006

    Some really bad news today from the cup of excellence. Last year I was lucky enough to be on the jury for Bolivia and also bought at auction one of my favourite coffees of all time. Its sad that this has happened, and I do hope that its sorted soon. It brings home the politics… Continue Reading

  • TV Ad

    HasBean is all famous. Take a look here. I found it googleing the other day, and couldn’t believe it. We received an email a couple of years ago, but heard nothing else. You will need quicktime installed to see it but trust me its worth it.