La Spaziale Vivaldi S1 mk 2

Ok I’ve received some new that the S1 Vivaldi mk 2 that’s been creating waves in the US mat very well be coming to these shores. I have no date and no final price but I expect it to be just a little more than the normal S1. To jog this along if you are seriously interested can you drop me an email or leave a comment as a statement of interest. Obviously the more people interested the more chance we have of tying down an exact date and price.

The basic differences with the S1 VIVALDI standard are :

DUAL MANOMETER ( the only visible difference )

VISUALIZATION WITH THE LEDS OF THE 1°C temperature steps’ increments and decrements ( whereas on the standard S1 VIVALDI you can adjust the temperature of 1°C increments and decrements but you cannot visualize this on the leds of the control-panel)

PREARRANGEMENT ( wires & cables coming out of the electronic board )to connect a timer ( available separately as a spare part ) to turn the machine on /off automatically

4-HOLES steam tip instead of a 3-HOLE steam tip

Ha'way the Lads

You may have noticed I love my coffee. What some of my closer friends also know is my love for football. When the chance to combine the two together comes along well its just perfect.

We hope your enjoying our Rwandan coffee as much as we are. Its been a bit hit since we started selling it a few weeks ago, and become a firm favourite of mine. Well our import partners Mercanta know I kind of like football, and asked if I’d be interested in sponsoring one of the teams based in the village where the co-operative is based. EEEERRR of course!!! Particularly when I see one of the players in a Manchester United shirt. So here is there current kit and here is there new one. Expect much more news on this one

Oh yes the Red and white stripes is the Sunderland Fan in me, a little part of Wearside in Rwanda


Pictures at our flickr site at

Cup of Excellence Benefactor member

Cup Of Excellence Benefactor Member

As you know we are very proud of our allegiance with the cup of excellence. We decided this year when renewing our membership to become the first (as far as I can see) UK company to be come a Benefactor member. This is just our way of giving a little something back to a program that has been so important to us in finding some awesome coffees. I guess I’m telling you lot as its your money in buying the coffees that’s allowed us to do it, so pat yourself on the backs.

What No Kenya?

We have had quite a few emails asking why we don’t have a Kenyan on the range at the moment. Last year was disappointing for us when firstly the Gethumbiwini wasn’t up to standard, and then all the ones we enjoyed ran out. We have been offered other Kenyans but none to the standard we think is acceptable to the standards set by these awesome coffees. I’ve heard different things about why quality dropped, but I don’t think the drought around harvest time last year helped, and is one of the primary reasons for this noticeable drop.

But the good news is our importers have said that this years Gethumbwini is awesome and should be returning in the next six weeks. So rather than fill a stop gap coffee that isn’t as good we are going to wait a few weeks to cup it, and hopefully stock it. Sorry if you missing it but good things come to those who wait.

So if you’re looking for something to fill that gap, the new Rwandans are just the job. With the Rwanda Musasa Cooperative that has a floral bright and light cup profile and the Rwanda Nyakizu Cooperative that has a blackcurrant and creamy cup. Both coffees from the PEARL project, are not anly great coffees but also have a wonderful story behind them. Its going to be to much to long term stock them both, so we are leaving it up to you, whichever sells out first becomes our staple coffee (I actually like them both and whichever goes I may bring back before the end of the season as a guest coffee too).

Its going to be to much to long term stock them both, so we are leaveing it up to you, whichever sells out first becomes our staple coffee (I actually like them both and whichever goes I maybreing back before the end of the season as a guest coffee too).

I’ve got a new toy

New hottop

I’ve got a new toy and I want to show off. Before I got into this lark I was a home roaster, always been interested in roasting, and I guess my main motivation to do what I do. So when you get one of the first in the world of a new roasting toy, you can see why I want to show off.

This is the new interactive super dooper shinny variable profile home roasting machine. I’ve done nothing but take it out of the box and turn it on but hope to tell you more about it soon.

Answers to some questions

1 How much?
price around £620 plus delivery

2. WHEN, WHEN !!!

Soon (next few weeks as long as testing goes well)

3. Can I upgrade my current hottop?

Yes there is an upgrade kit, its not easy to fit so you need some experience of electronics or someone you can rely on for support (also these will be sold on an as seen and we cant upgrade it for you and its at your own risk). Details of the upgrade can be found at the link below

4. How much for the upgrade kit.

£420 (sorry these are costing an arm and a leg).