• Shock Stop the press

    Ok, I’m going to say something deeply unpopular in current coffee circles, and really out of trend, but I don’t care, as its what I think. Espresso is not the be all and end all in the world of coffee. See I’ve done it. I’ll try and explain why I think this to give you… Continue Reading

  • Fame at last

    A good friend of mine, Blanco asked me if I’d mind answering a few questions for him for an interview for his blog. I am not sure why he thought it would be interesting to anyone but he is a friend so I obliged. It can be found here . I really enjoyed doing it,… Continue Reading

  • More cup of excellence

    Another week another cup of excellence auction. Would you believe me if I said there are only 7 of these a year. The past few weeks we have had four all on top of each other. This is the last of four and boy was it exiting. The longest I can remember an auction going… Continue Reading

  • Guatemalan cup of excellence

    I phoned a friend today, and he asked what I was doing, I had 25 samples from the Guatemalan cup of excellence to taste, what are you doing I ask? I’m sitting in my garden enjoying the warn weather. I’d still rather do what I’m doing the coffee’s are HUGE, and its going to be… Continue Reading

  • Can Jim come out to Play?

    I managed to escape the roastery this afternoon, to play with jimseven (James Hoffman) at La Spaziale UK’s HQ. The Reason, a chance to play with a new commercial espressos machine which the heads can be set at different temperatures. Not that useful for most settings but as a machine to work on blends I… Continue Reading

  • Cup of Excellence El Salvador 2006

    Another day another Auction. This time it was El Salvador. I feel a very close bond to El Sal after being part of the buying group bringing the only number one Cup of Excellence to these shores last year, and using two of the coffees in the UK barista champions blend this year. I also… Continue Reading