• Enjoying other peoples coffee

    Sorry I’ve been quite for a while, but I kind of thought you may have got bored of me with my flurry of posts over the past weeks. Its been busy in the world of has bean. My new sample roasters arrived very big, very lovely I’ve also agreed to be the bean/roaster sponsor for… Continue Reading

  • I've got a problem!

    Ok I’m going to have to join a self help group, sit in a big circle and say “Hello my name is Stephen Leighton and I’m an El Salvador-a-holic” We are now holding two cup of excellence’s El Salvador Finca Las Victorias El Salvador Las Mercedes We hold a 100% El Salvador Blend El Salvador… Continue Reading

  • How did you get here?

    It seems fashionable to post about the strange ways people find blogs, so I thought I would share with you in the self gratifying way. Number one must go to Jim Hoffman the most searched for Barista in the world . SO if I mention James hoffmans name some more then I may get some… Continue Reading

  • Dublin The End for me :(

    Ok so I left Dublin yesterday evening. A busy weekend, with much to reflect on. Again re confirmed that baristas are the coolest people in coffee, and the most fun to hang out with. Confirmed its like wading through mud with the whole quality coffee thing when talking to lots of coffee people. Confirmed is… Continue Reading

  • Dublin Pt 3

    Dublin pt3. So the games commence. This morning there were to presentations, one on green beans and the other on Coffee roasting. Both of them were very interesting and informative, in not a little lacking on the quality aspects, and much more on the nuts and bolts. The green bean was very commodity market orientated,… Continue Reading