• Home Brew of a different kind

    I’m into taste, funny that being in the coffee trade, but I do like to taste things. I love coffee, good food, good wine, single malt whiskey and I love real ale. But real ale is getting harder and harder to come by as the smaller breweries are closed or become successful and start to… Continue Reading

  • Royal Mail Price Rise

    Some of you may have seen in the press about the changes to the postage rates and Royal Mail. Alas it works against the humble small company as always, meaning higher postage rates. For the immediate short term we are not changing our prices and swallowing the rates until we see the full impact, but… Continue Reading

  • Death by Caffeine

    From too much coffee gelandenwagen found this little gem that made me smile, so I thought I’d share it with you guys. Interesting results After 124.89 shots of Espresso, you’d be pushing up daisies After 86.13 cups of Drip Coffee, you’d be pushing up daisies 3568.18 cups of Decaf Brewed Coffee + You = Death… Continue Reading

  • More cupping

    I managed to get some time to cup some of the Ecafe Foundation unwashed coffees Saturday, and it was a strange experience. I love Ethiopians, I like unwashed coffees, but didn’t like any of the top six at all. There was this undercurrent of sweet pipe tobacco that came up in 5 of the six… Continue Reading

  • Reading Time

    Our love for the Hoff’s blog has no ends, and when he tells us to do something you can be sure we do. So when he was getting tucked into some reading I did some of my own. Available for short term library loan, with a deposit of a few thousand pounds