• My French Press has had its day?

    My love for the Aerobe aeropress has grown and grown since getting one of the little blighters. I’ve noticed I’m hardly using my french press any more, and my filter machine hasn’t had anything through it for a while. I still reach for the Cona pot at the weekends, but that’s a little less too.… Continue Reading

  • UK Barista Jam

    Today was the UK’s second ever Barista Jam at La Spaziale in chesterfield. I was lucky enough to be the roaster sponsor and gave a couple of presentations and some practical roasting sessions on the sample roasters. A few things to come from the Jam. One, I really like coffee people, and two, no matter… Continue Reading

  • Enjoying other peoples coffee

    Sorry I’ve been quite for a while, but I kind of thought you may have got bored of me with my flurry of posts over the past weeks. Its been busy in the world of has bean. My new sample roasters arrived very big, very lovely I’ve also agreed to be the bean/roaster sponsor for… Continue Reading

  • I've got a problem!

    Ok I’m going to have to join a self help group, sit in a big circle and say “Hello my name is Stephen Leighton and I’m an El Salvador-a-holic” We are now holding two cup of excellence’s El Salvador Finca Las Victorias El Salvador Las Mercedes We hold a 100% El Salvador Blend El Salvador… Continue Reading

  • How did you get here?

    It seems fashionable to post about the strange ways people find blogs, so I thought I would share with you in the self gratifying way. Number one must go to Jim Hoffman the most searched for Barista in the world . SO if I mention James hoffmans name some more then I may get some… Continue Reading