James Hoffmann World Barista Champion!

Lots has been said in blog world about James Hoffmann the UK Barista Champion winning the world Barista Championships providing the UK with its first ever champ, but I know lots who read here aren’t as obsessive about the coffee community as I am. So I thought I would share the news.

I have been lucky enough to work with James, last year and this year on his UK championships blend, and I’m so proud of what he has achieved.

When I first met James a number of years ago, he was at the very beginning of his professional coffee journey and I’m sure he would be the first to admit he had a lot to learn.

Now he has become the best in the world at his craft. No one has put as many hours in becoming a great barista, and for me no one deserves the accolade more than he.

So well done friend, enjoy the moment enjoy the year I’m sure its going to be a busy one that will fly by.

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  1. Here Here Steve.
    Couldnt have put it better. Fantastic.
    Look forward to hearing all about the blend ….
    Well done to The Hoff. So deserved.

  2. all been said allready by you Steve…!!
    my only addition is – a man is judged by the company he keeps !
    You say you have worked a lot with James during his career and competition preperations……………

    hes a clever man that Mr Hoffman!

  3. He’s accomplished a lot! And all the praise seems well deserved. I second what BazBean said! To bad the roaster never gets a mention in those competitions… I wonder how far you’d get with Illy beans? Do you know which El Salvador coffee he used as a SO? I can’t wait to roast our Eeagads (Kenya) as an SO espresso and try it in a cappuccino. The way Jim put it in his presentation I could almost taste it! Sounds very nice indeed. Did you roast the Gethumbwini, and if so, how dark did you go? (or is asking this a bit to much…?)


  4. Thanks guys

    We didn’t roast the coffee for Jims WBC as he decided as olings points out to go single origin, and with his new venture coming up wanted to take the chance to showcase his and his teams skills.

    The two beans used were Kenya Gethumbwini which is a Stella Kenya that I love dearly but I never get it right in espresso, that takes so much skill. The other was a single origin Costa Rican called Herbazu that I cupped a few weeks back and loved and bought a whole lot on contract to make sure we have a good supply.

    With the Gethumbwini I never take it past the start of second, and normally before. But its a tricky customer who runs away unless you really keep on top of it, but it is a cup of blackcurrant particularly as it cools. The peaberry for me is even better which arrives very soon.

  5. Mmmmm… Peaberry! So it was a Costa Rican coffee. I tend to confuse things lately. Thanks for the tips, Steve! How is the new roaster doing by the way?


  6. Excellently said Baz. Well done to Jim for a truely superb performance. Well done to Steve for all the work that has gone before and for being such a nice man 🙂

  7. yep… gotta echo Baz’s sentiments… I couldn’t have been as eloquent 😉 Congrats all over blog world to James.. but agree with Cakey here… congratulations to you too Steve for helping James win the UKBC. Can’t win the WBC without first winning the UKBC first 😉

  8. Thanks Guys but honestly your too kind.

    Olings the new roaster is still waiting to be Commissioned by Probat, hopefully the coming week should see it all done. The Gas in connected, the Electricity supplied, the chimney is up so its just waiting for a man 🙂

    Patience is not my strong suit 🙂

    I’ll post some pictures of it all connected on my Flikr account tonight.

  9. Didn’t Fritz win the WBC in Oslo using Illy?

  10. And Hi Steve! I miss you!

  11. I cant remember that far back Anette you know me my memory isnt quite what it was, but that’s an interesting point. I think the Barista skill is so important in presenting and making the best of the coffees they have. Thats where people like James and Fritz can take it to the next level. I do wonder now if Fritz came with Illy how he would fair wit the bar raised with the Stella coffees now being used.

    You must be so pleased with the win, and I know you’ve been a huge part of that, with the hours spent training and now roasting, and just being the rock, I’m in awe of you guys and cant wait to see the plans develop for the new venture. If the web page is a sign of things to come, its going to be an exiting time. ( )

    And I miss you too Anette, its been too long I hope our paths cross really soon.

  12. I was honoured to watch James Hoffmann, Barista world champion, make an esprosso today. He made a few Cappuccino’s and it was the most amazing thing i have ever tasted. James makes his coffee with such passion and you can really taste it. It was by far the Smoothest, tastiest and creamiest cappuccino I’ve ever had. Thank you James for the inspiration to be an even better and more dedicated Barista.

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