So I’ve decided the Probat is called Günther (thanks Marcy), partly because of the Friends link with Gunther who runs the coffee shop but also because I just like the name.

Updates on the roaster its been all installed and commissioned and the first roast has been done. Pictures can be found at this link here

We could have just run into it, but I wanted to make sure everything was as it should be and have a chance to question people who understand the machine of its capability’s limitations etc.

First (and very early impressions) are I love it which is a good job the amount it has all cost, now to start using all the spare capacity we just haven’t had for the past six months. Its been difficult running at full pelt 90% of the time so let the good times roll. But its not perfect, we have issues with gas pressure, and we had an issue with some of the buttons tripping (all sorted now) but we are getting there.

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  1. Very Nice Steve and Crew !!

    3 points ?

    1. wheres the picture of your massive grin on flikr as well?
    2. how long before an upgrade do you think?
    3. have you got bigger capacity extinguishers yet?

  2. 1. Too many pics of me floating around 🙂
    2. Hmmmm no comment officer
    3. LOL not a a bad idea 🙂

  3. Great pictures Steve. Hey, now you have all this capacity, you might even make it outside in daylight hours! Just think, sunshine … real sunshine 😛

  4. AHHHH the sunlight might burn !!!

  5. So you dismissed my Kev Keegan suggestion?

  6. Dunno Cakey… wasn’t there some Irish guy last week looking to get 25kg per day? 😉 😀 Damnit Steve… I knew we should’ve had a competition :p Günther is now like a god son to me :p

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