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Much to the amusement of Nicola and John here at the roastery I got a little exited today. Another day another delivery, but for me this one was special. Many years ago on a cupping table far far away I found this gem of a Guatemalan one that to be honest ruined my enjoyment of every other Guatemalan for a few seasons. We stocked it I’m proud to say before the world noticed it (thanks to Mercanta our importers). Its a very special coffee that has a big reputation in the coffee world as a great farm. Grown in the huehuetenango district its called, El Injerto. Most of this coffee gets hoovered up by Duane Sorenson at Stumptown coffee, he’s a big fan too, with bigger pockets than me. It is a favourite of many of the USA roasters and I’ve not seen it on these shores for a couple of years.

El Injerto

We tried to win some in the Guatamala cup of excellence and were a lot of the reason why this coffee finished the second most expensive coffee in that auction ($15.15 a lb green FOB) even though it finished sixth this year, but our budget ran out (again Stumptown beat us to it).

So today we received El Injerto thanks to some hard work by our importers and I hope to add it to the range in the next week or so once I’ve had chance to play with the roast profile. But I’m very excited. They say I need a hobby, I say I’ve got one.

El Injerto

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  1. You gotta be smilin’ about Sunderland’s start, too, right about now.

  2. So, how does the local independent London barista get his hands on some of this – once the roasting profile is nailed down?

    – T.

  3. Indeed Arron was at the game last night and I’m off to Wigan on Saturday I have the football bug back, but I’m normally cured by September 🙂

    Tim check your email 🙂

  4. nice one steve!
    – put me down for some! you know how i love my guats 🙂

  5. ‘Smiling’.
    Spelling, Leighton! See me.

  6. Thanks Grant I love having my spelling pointed out to the world 😉

  7. I like the little mispellings, Steve. So sp_i_ll however you want, just don’t sp_e_ll any of the El Injerto :p Would’ve loved to sample roast that one… just not in 2.5 minutes 😉

  8. Arrived today.

    Really nice, Steve. I like it a lot. Going to play around with it a little more tomorrow, and post some stuff to Tropical Saloon after that.

    Thanks a bunch, mate.
    – Tim.

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