Black Gold Review

Black Gold

I just wanted to point out to those who don’t read toomuchcoffee that I’ve has an article published about Black Gold. Its something I was going to do for the blog but the more I wrote the bigger it got, and when I got talking to Phil the site owner about it he said he’d like to use it on his site.

I warn you its controversial, I warn you its not towing the party line and not what you may expect to hear about this film. Its got a few people disagreeing with me on the forum (nothing new there), but that’s what its all about getting people talking. But I think its an interesting read and I hope enjoyable (it was to write that’s for sure).

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  1. It’s strange to see zero comments about any posting on Steve’s blog. In this case it is probably because there has been a passionate conversation about his excellent article over on TMC. I just wanted to give a shout to Steve’s text and thought provoking ideas, which are as interesting and debate worthy as always. Thanks for asking people to look out of the box mate 🙂

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