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Can’t believe I missed out La Fany from my top ten, it should have been in there. Hmmmm too many good coffees, but that one was an omission.

Wanted to share with you again the podcast by Chris Weaver at common grind . Episode number 5 was uploaded at midnight new years eve and well worth a listen. Great interview with Jim Hoffmann and a cupping with two of our coffees.


While on the social media type stuff a review of the top ten coffees is now up at juts building on yesterdays post.

Another thing I’m getting into is ( let me know if any of you guys are using it I could do with following some people. While I’m at it I may as well pimp my Twitter,

Hope you have all been along to the website to look at the new design. The upgrade happened over Christmas, it went really well considering. Unfortunately we have been unable to transfer the accounts across, so if you have not been to the site since the 24th of December you will need to make a new account. We hope the short term pain of making a new account will be outweighed with the long term game of a smarter cart.
Please excuse the temporary template on the blog here, it is under control and we hope for a fresh look soon, but there has been so much to do.


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  1. Very impressed with the new site and especially the newsletter 🙂

    Look forward to seeing the blog evolve!


  2. Christmas is a brave time for an upgrade!

    Well done, it’s nice to see evidence that business is good..

  3. Another thumbs up for the new site and newsletter!

    It looks excellent. (Luckily I’ve a record of the coffees I’ve tried, so having to reregister is ok)

    And getting to use Google Checkout, rather than PayPal, is excellent – I’d rather see Google take a % than eBay.

  4. Completely lost now – have you stopped selling roasting machines? I can’t find a list of green beans. This looks like a step in the wrong direction.

  5. Hi Andrew

    Were not stopping selling Roasters, were waiting for the Behmor, and a delivery of I Roast 2’s. Hottops

    I love the but the weak dollar and Hottop not moving on price, means at this time were not stocking the, we hope this is resolved eventually but Hottop doesn’t seem to be listening.

  6. Ohhh yes the green beans is within the normal beans in the drop down list. I was a home roaster and its very important to me we keep doing this.

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