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I’ve come up with an idea (well kind of thanks Jon) of having a bi monthly meet up (don’t hold me to the bi monthly) to talk about all things coffee, drinking some coffee, and also maybe a live in my mug here and there. And really just a chance to meet up with you guys.

The problem with internet retailing is you never get to see people face to face. So the first one is planed here at the roastery (others I hope to come from around the country from coffee shops we supply and live in my mugs from these too). The date is the 28th of February and to sign up go here

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  1. This can only be a great success. In Denmark we held a similar event. I run the biggest coffee website in Denmark with some friends and we invited our users to a day where they could bring their equipment and everybody could just play around, talk, drink coffee and have a great time. It was really the best day and the 6-7 hours just flew by.

    I hope your initiative will be a great a success because it’s great to meet LIVE with people who share your interest.

    I hope that you will document the days for people like me, who cannot participate. A small video of our day can be seen here:

  2. Would love to attend, but unfortunately I live in a different country.


  3. Great idea. Can’t make this one as I have far too much time booked of work in the first few months of this year for travelling to WBC and competing in the UKBC. But if you have another later in the year(if the first is a success) I’ll come to that.

  4. Glad you approved of the idea Steve! 🙂

    I would love to make this one, but looking unlikely. I am sure there will be another!

    Best wishes,


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