Top Ten Coffees of 2008

I thought this was a good chance to do a top ten of 2008 in the world of coffee. 2008 for me is the best ever year for great coffee.

So my top ten

1 Bolivia Machacamarca

I love this coffee great quality from a very small farm, on its way is the 2009-2008 lot for us I can’t wait. Exclusive also which is exciting.

2. Brazil Cachoeria 2008—2009

This farm is amazing and year on year it gets better. One of my all time favourites. This years is the best ever. My epiphany moment in coffee, truly special.
3. El Salvador La Ilusion

I remember trying this coffee this year and getting very excited. Ernesto is a good man, and I am looking forward to developments in 2009, I expect this to be even better this year.
4. Kenya Gethumbwini

An old favourite back to form, for a couple of years Gethumbwini has been good, but this years WOW I love it. I think we have one of the best farms in Kenya and one of the best lots so the best of the best.
5. Guatemala El Bosque
I’ve loved this coffee for years, its consistency is its best attribute.

6. Brazil Inglaterra Canario

Came from left field but really good coffee, shame its such a small lot but right up there as one of my best coffee moments taste that pineapple cubes.

7. Costa Rican Licho
some will be surprised by this but this years licho rocks, I don shout don’t it as much as I should and for 2009 a resolution to make sure I do.

8. Indian Balmaddi Natural
Flying the flag for Asia this coffee is the most original coffee of 2008 and I liked it. With the descriptor of strawberry’s dipped in cow dung doesn’t do it any favours but seriouslt unique and seriously good.

9. Nicaraguan Limoncillo
Loved this coffee last year from the COE and it was close run between this and the pacamara, but I think the ‘normal’ limoncillo just wins. Toffee apple, caramel sweetness. Top draw stuff.

10. Nicaragua El Quetzal
Two Nicaraguan in the top ten, that shows the good things happening there. Close run thing again against the los alto but this is top draw again. Sweet nutty and rich.

Notable exceptions
Panama Esmerelda

Good put you know what, didn’t light my world up, was good but all ten of these I think are bette.r
Kenya Kariga
Were it not for amazing Gethumbwini this would have been top 5 but two kenyans come on!!!

Kenya Gethmbwini Peaberry
Same as above couldn’t have two Kenyan’s they are all great. But the AA gethumbwini is stunning.

Hawaiian Extra Fancy Smith Farm Kona 2008-2009

If we had had it a little longer it would have been in there. But its only been on sale for one week of the 52 of 2008, but a big contender next year.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    Happy New Year, hope it’s not too cold in the roastery!
    I completely agree about the Machacamarca, it has without a doubt been my fave coffee of the year, but if you tell everyone about it there will not be enough for us!!!

  2. Hi Steve, I am happy to see my coffee in your top ten and I hope you had a nice Christmas and happy New Year and many successes in your business and congratulations by your new website is very cool.

    Best Regards

  3. You are absolutely correct about the Machacamarca coffee – it is magnificent! I have been to the farm, been through the plantations, seen the processing and enjoyed fully the product. I have too have mixed feelings about the secret being out, but the world deserves to know it.

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