• 3FE / Has Bean Collaboration coffee

    For a long time we have wanted to do something special with another coffee roaster. I think there is lots to learn from working together, rather than apart. Theres a few special roasters we have approached and never been able to agree how it would work or how we can make sure we all get… Continue Reading

  • Jabberwocky reborn

    Today we are proud to refresh and reborn Jabberwocky, one of our most successful blends With teeth that bite and jaws that snap, its a bight in your face espresso blend with a kick in its tail. Following on from all the new espresso blends, it was time to turn our attention to the the… Continue Reading

  • Guest Blend Subscription 2014

    Last years Guest Blend Subscription went down rather well. But it was lots of work energy and money to make it all happen, and I didn’t want to do more of the same. So we decided that it might be fun to involve some of the amazing coffee shops we work with and share with… Continue Reading

  • The cost of hearing

    Last week saw the arrival of my delivery of coffee from Bolivia. Bolivia is a special place for me, somewhere I have visited more than any other non european country, and somewhere I love the coffee and love the people. I have a very long blog post in me about Bolivia (I plan to lock… Continue Reading


    Merry Christmas, its that time of year again. We have turned on our Christmas decorations, we hope you approve. So its the last of the guest blends, we have had 12 months of fun, and it seems only right to thank you all for that fun. The Christmas Present Blend is a gift. Its a… Continue Reading

  • December Guest Blend

    The final edition of the guest blend series. 12 months 12 coffees So we launch this at midnight Saturday 30th to Sunday the 1st of December, its a big surprise, but its on a first come first served basis, and it will be massively oversubscribed, you are going to want to be part of this.… Continue Reading