More Arrivals

I get so easily excited and this time of year is the worst (or the best) for me. This week another delivery this week and some great coffees and sometime I want to pop with delight.

This week we have had out two (that’s right read it two) Costa Ricans Cup of Excellence coffees arrive, our Nicaraguan COE(which in itself would be exciting) and the long awaited Kenya Peaberry.

I hardly noticed the interesting Australian Mountain Top coming back in, and the other Costa Rican Naranjo peaberry we got very worked up about when we found it on the cupping table. Normally these two would be a howl of happiness on their own.

We hope to get them nailed early next week and on the site by September, but it will be a busy time for new coffees, enjoy September. On saying that Octobers also looking pretty good at the moment. Its a good time to be a coffee roaster.


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  1. Yum Yum! You must be jumping up and down shrieking with little squeals of delight this week 😀 You sure you have space to store those bags? Is there an empty spot behind the bags in the last pic? If not… :p

  2. lol this is a bit on an in joke for those who don’t know.

    I’ll always make space for good coffee

  3. What I like is that you make space only for good coffee. Can’t wait for this new stuff to appear on the site 😛

  4. So the jumping up and down, squealing, and hugging sacks of coffee is no secret then? :p Think it’s safe to say there’s no one who loves coffee more than you 🙂

  5. …it’s a good time to ‘know’ a coffee roaster! a good one at that steve! 🙂

  6. So, your readers already know you jump up and down, squeal and hug jute sacks of coffee? It’s no secret then? :p Think it’s safe to say no one loves coffee more than you Steve 😀 …Europe is lucky to have you 🙂

    Cakey… when “this new stuff to appear on the site” appears… unless you’re hopping on the next plane with a suitcase full of the new stuff, I just don’t wanna know :p

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