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I’ve just received some photos from Ernesto of the El Salvador Alaska cup of excellence let we won, being loaded up into the container. I think its fantastic that Ernesto has kept us posted and sent photos an emails all the way along.

As I said before it’s the little things. Heres a link to the pictures its very cool to see them being loaded up, something I’ve not seen before.

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  1. Cool pics Steve.

    Are they stacked like that to allow air to circulate during shipping??? Now here’s a question…how does shipping by sea affect the bean, if at all?????

  2. I think the stacking is just so they can get as many as they can in the container. The containers are air tight so don’t effect the shipping (hopefully I have seen this happen before), although they do have breathing holes for air circulation.

    Its the first time I’ve seen it being loaded and I love the cardboard lining 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing these pics 🙂 Really helps build up the excitement, eh? How long before you receive them?

  4. Finger in the air Marcy, 5 weeks or so I hope.



  5. Want some….can’t get 😕

  6. I feel the same pain, Matt 🙁

    Steve – 4ish (by now) weeks… guess the 3 Costa Ricans, Nicaraguan, Kenyan & Australian deliveries came just in time then, eh? 🙂 So many coffees, so little time 🙂

  7. You folks will live all over the world 🙂

    Yes Marcy I’ve had it kind of confirmed the middle of September for these so the four five weeks looks good. Yes everything came at once its like when your waiting for a bus. It tends to tie in with containers getting unloaded, warehouse making them available etc.

    Never enough coffees Marcy never 🙂

  8. “you folks will live all over the world” – so do the good coffees that you find :p

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