Jailbreak “Miami Vice Files”

So 18 months ago we relaunched premium espresso blend and renamed it Jailbreak.

Now in its 8th incarnation, we felt it was time to do another blend video for it on the third refresh of the year, and here it is.

And with this a new blend made up of the below. Watchers of In My Mug will have heard me the past two weeks sneak out what were going to be two parts of this blend, but I’m super excited to have found the third in a sweet sweet Bolivian thats just getting better and better.

(40%) Nicaraguan Limoncillo Washed
(40%) El Salvador Santa Petrona Red Bourbon Washed
(20%) Bolivian Finca David Vilca

I’m very proud and very pleased with this blend, and I hope you love it too.

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  1. So funny! Very creative! That blend sounds GREAT!!!

    Paloma. (from “The Coffee Shop” Blog)

  2. That blend sounds wonderful – and so does the name!

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