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We’re going to be going through some changes here at Has Bean. We’re losing our happy roaster Andy @hasbeanroaster to Los Angeles (that is what happens if you work at Has Bean), which is very sad, but we’re taking this opportunity and turning it into a positive.

We will use this chance to reorganise some of the roles around Has Bean towers, which will open up a position for someone new; a position that I think will be an amazing chance to learn lots about coffee.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for someone who is currently involved in the coffee industry in some way, has experience of tasting, and loves what we do here at Has Bean (very important).

You will be excited by challenges, be an independent thinker, have opinions (on coffee, and maybe not football), and be willing to share them.

What will you be doing:

Working very closely with me (Steve) in managing both the office and and cupping lab. You will be running my office with me, be heavily involved in running the cupping lab, involved in tasting and selecting the coffees we buy, and you will quality-control the daily production of roasts. You will be in charge of stock control, ordering, and be my all-round right hand person.
Salary to be decided and discussed depending on experience.

Anyone is free to apply, and everyone will be considered regardless of experience, age, or any other criteria.

There are 4 rules of application.

1. You must apply by email (to;
2. You must be willing to move to, or close to the Stafford Area;
3. You can’t be upset with us if we don’t get in touch for interview, or if we do interview you but you don’t get the role;
4. You must remember we love you all and we would want you all to come and work for us if you could, but it’s a specific role and has to be given to the right person.

If you’re interested, send a CV and a brief letter as soon as possible to telling us why you’re the right person to spend more time with me than my wife, and why you and I won’t end up killing each other.

We won’t put a closing date or deadline on this role but we are looking to get this person in position very soon, so if you hang around it could mean we have already appointed someone because you couldn’t find the time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Would wearing red shoes aid my chances of getting the position ?

  2. Wayne I can think of nothing in life that will be helped by the wearing of red shoes

  3. Thank you for everyones interest, this position has now been filled. Announcements soon I guess 🙂

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