Introducing Ethiopia Ogawa Natural

So here we have a new addition to the has bean stable, from ethiopia. A bit unusual to find a pre blend from origin from africa, but the cupping table tells no lies and this is really interesting.

This is a blend of coffees brought together at origin by the exporter Moplaco and its called Ogawa and is naturally processed, sundried coffee.

Moplaco are really focussed on Ethiopia, its people and the quality of its coffee. In Addis they have 2 separate mills one for sundried the other for washed. Heleanna the current owner is a lovely lady who has a real passion and love for what she does. They have Strong links with farmers and own many dry/wet mills in various coffee growing regions and have a very strong ethical stance on equality and pay during the trading process from farm to export – one of the main reasons we are very happy to deal with them. They have very strong links with Harrar which is where the company originates. They also have a mill in Yirgacheffe

I don’t know the make up of this blend as they are very secrative about what they do but I have a feeling that one component is from Harrar as there is a lovely blueberry note in it. It is a blend of 2 sundried coffees both grown over 1800 meters and we thought we would take a bit of a gamble and take them into stock even though we don’t know much about them traceable wise, but in the cup they are fantastic, and thats where all the work gets done.

The beans look a little bit higgledy piggledy with some very different longberys mixed in with some more conventional but smaller beans, but don’t cup with your eyes cup with your taste buds.

In the cup it’s big a blueberry tied in with dark fruit that is huge in the aftertaste, with a little bit of special natural funk. This is something a little different, complex with a delicious mouthfeel

Farm: Not known – Cooperative based
Varietal:Longberry and Shortberry heirloom cultivars
Region: Dire Dawa
Processing: Naturally processed
Altitude: 1800 mtrs upwards
Owner: Cooperative
Region: Harrar/another
Exporter: Moplaco

You can buy it here

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