How to taste coffee audioboo stylie

I get asked quite a lot how I “learnt to taste” and how I taste and evaluate coffee. Its a tough one to answer in a blog post. So I decided to do two audio boos on them.

For those who don’t know, audioboo is a method of audio bloging. I have a whole heap of them some on the side bar of the blog, or at the link here . You can also subscribe like a podcast on itunes here where they will down load to itunes and you can listen on your ipod/ iphone / ipad or on your computer.

Any way back to tasting, I hope you enjoy these and I hope to maybe build on it in the future.

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  1. hello hasbean.

    i want to buy a stove top coffee maker. can you recommend one?



  2. Email Sent tim but in general

    “i’d look at any of the stainless steel ones and I prefer the Bialetti models. But they all work in the same way, and its down to personal choice. “

  3. “Cupping coffees with the descriptors in front of you when you’re building up your confidence and building up your vocabulary is a good thing to do.”

    This point is exactly why I think the subscription to InMyMug is so great. I remember the first time I tasted lemons in a coffee. There wasn’t an actual lemoney taste, but the sharpness reminded me exactly of lemons.
    Great observation, Steve.

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