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So this coffee has been up a little while, a new coffee that we took delivery of just before Christmas, and I wanted to take the chance to introduce it to you. The name is Fazenda Sol Nascente from Piata in Chapada Diamantina in Bahia Brazil. Why the need for such a long name to find the place ? Brazil is a huge place 🙂

From the August 2010 trip this coffee is from one of the farms I visited. Not every where we went to we bought, but everywhere we visited we took samples and cupped them whilst in Bahia at our base, and then once I returned to Has Bean Towers. If they passed these two challenges, then we started to discuss the details. What really impressed me about this farm was I was given 29 samples of the Pulped Natural and 9 from the pulped natural that was each days pickings We ended up with 20 of the pulped and 7 of the natural offering the coffee was so good. What this has allowed us to do is cherry pick the very best from the farm, pay a good price for it and give you a great cup.

As part of our direct trade coffees you can be assured the farmer got a great price, well above market price and well above any fair trade price.

A stones throw (50 meters maybe) from the cup of excelence winning farm from 2009, the terroir is there. Care and attention from Aneilson is there. The plant stock of Catuaí there, its all a perfect recipe. It 100% a family affair, everything is looked after by the immediate family and extended family when needed. The humble facilities are pushed to the limits, and when needed the neighbours (Sao Judas lend there milling plant) pitch in.

In the cup expect chocolate sweet, nutty super smooth, with a big topic chocolate bar. A perfect example of a brazil chocolate, sweet. Great espresso, great filter, great coffee.

Farm: Fazenda Sol Nascente
Farmer: Aneilson Souza
City: Piatã
Region: Bahia
Country: Brazil
Production:120 Bags a year
Altitude: 1100masl
Varietal: Catuaí
Processing System: Pulped Natural
Full time Employees:None, this farm is worked only by the family.
Seasonal Employees:None, extended family lends a hand when required.
Types of processing:Natural, Pulped Natural and Washed
Size:Total of 9 ha and approximately planted 7 ha

You can buy the

Natural Here

Pulped Natural Here

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