Forth Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my postman gave to me a Bemor in a pear tree.

On the Second day of Christmas my truck delivery driver gave to me a Sack of fine coffee

On the third day of Christmas my friendly wine merchant gave to me a bottle of grappa

On the forth day of Christmas my kind friend gave to me a variety of real ales for me to drink
Ok I hear this is slightly less coffee and turning into an alcoholic corner, but it is Christmas, expect to see a whole lot more beer wine and other alcohol drinks.

A good friend of mine have given me a selection of real ales from a local brewery in Staffordshire who he works for as a Christmas present. I love real ale and I particularly love stout. There stout has won a number of awards and something I cant wait to try. Take a look at their site at the link here

Expect lots of blog posting this weekend I’ve broken up until after Christmas. 5 whole days of will let me drink a lot of coffee (and beer and grappa) and leave me with time to post as often as I want. I may even for the first time ever post twice in one day.

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  1. Steve,

    Have a wonderful break! Enjoy the beers!

    Jon 🙂

  2. So you have the coffee

    So you have Grappa

    So you have the Behmor

    So you have real Ale

    I on the other hand:

    Have some coffee left from my stash

    Have no Grappa

    Use an oven to roast

    Have piss poor NZ Beer


    But to make myself feel better:

    You have frost…

    I have Hot Sun and a BBQ for Christmas day….

    Now I feel Better! 😛

  3. Bloody hell, he’s going to post even more this weekend 😮

  4. I know, its a horrid thought eh? Maybe if we bombard replies, he won’t have time to post anything as he will be busy delting all the rubbish we post?

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