Third day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my postman gave to me a Bemor in a pear tree.

On the Second day of Christmas my truck delivery driver gave to me a Sack of fine coffee

On the third day of Christmas my friendly wine merchant gave to me a bottle of grappa

The third day of Christmas gift was a bottle of Grappa, I’ve searched for a while for some but never found any that I’ve been able to try or buy on recommendation. The good stuff (which this is) is not cheap so I’m not going to buy it blind. So on Saturday on a trip to my local wine friend to buy another gift of Christmas said have you ever tired it? I thought this must be fate. Also one of the guys who works there is a grappa fan was most pleased to find someone keen to learn more.

Grappa is based pomace brandy from Italy. It means grape stalk and is made by distilling pomace, grape residue (mainly the skins, but also stems and seeds) left over from winemaking after pressing. The flavour of grappa, like that of wine, depends on the type and quality of the grape used as well the specifics of the distillation process. In Italy, grappa is primarily served as a “digestivo” or after-dinner drink. Its main purpose was to aid in the digestion of heavy meals. Grappa may also be added to espresso coffee to create a caffè corretto meaning corrected coffee. Another variation of this is the “ammazza caffè” (literally, “coffee-killer”): the espresso is drunk first, followed by a few ounces of grappa served in its own glass. In the Veneto, there is rasentin: after finishing a cup of espresso with sugar, a few drops of grappa are poured into the nearly empty cup and swirled, and drunk down in one sip. (thanks to wikipedia for the majority of this)

So if anyone has any other recipes hat I should try I’m keen to listen.

Not sure how many more days of Christmas I can do but I’ll keep trying 🙂


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  1. Grappa = lighter fluid 😉

    I used to love in Italy, but never got taste for it. Even worse (IMHO) is Genepi (sp), which is made from distilled alpine flowers. Oh man, my boss used to brew his own stuff and it was like nitroglycerine!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of grappa, which is saying something since the i’ve tried quite a few and working for Fifteen means you’re expected to appreciate it! I’ll certainly admit that they vary in quality, but in my opinion only from “rancid lighter fluid” to “ok that didn’t burn, but it’s weird”.

    But, if you want to put it to good use (other than in a hurricane lamp) try a grappa manhattan. Stir with ice 2 measures with a dash of angostura bitters and 1 measure of vermouth (use either sweet, dry, or a combination depending on taste). Garnish with an orange twist. Not a bad drink.

    It cleans potafilters up like a dream 😉

  3. Hey Steve

    Don’t know if the card makes it before Christmas, so Happy CHristmas to you and yours and may 2008 be a bumper year for HB!!!

  4. hi Steve,

    I like Nardini grappa, and it’s not too hard to find here.

    Have used it in a Mocha pot (with water) to make some corretto. Nice.


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