Farm Review from Fazenda Floresta

Carrying of from yesterdays work another post on one of the farms from my Bahia trip last week. This is from the neighbouring farm to Aranquan floresta is a farm I know quite well.

Farm Name: Fazenda Floresta
Producers Name:Nelson Ribeiro
Region:Chapada Diamantina
Altitude:1050 to 1200 meters above sea level
Varieties Grown:Bourbon, Catura, Java, Pacamara, obertan, topia
Last visit: November 2009

Report: Since the last visit in 2009 much of the work has been done in upgrading drying patio facilities. This is part of an ongoing program in the farm to raise the quality of production. The cupping lab that was set up on the last visit has continued to be used with monthly cuppings being held where every one joins in. Junior (nelsons oldest son) has participated in a in depth course to understand cupping and sample roasting which has been valuable while setting up the lab.

Newly planted growth from the last visit has continued to thrive and the whole farm is looking incredibly healthy. Grivilia (a shade tree) has been planted all over the farm to help with shade and as a pest deterrent.

A project to grow passionfruit in between the coffee plants has also started. Although competing in the same soils there root structure is different and harvest periods opposite ends of the year. So a small test section has been set up.

Planting of a varietal called oberertan has produced its first harvest. This varietal has very elongated branches that tend to fruit towards the ends. It is not known how this plant will react to the conditions of Bahia and in particular Floresta but we hope to see some early samples soon. Also planting of a pacamara and java where we should see the samples of this experiment although there will be no commercial offering until after these tests and more planting

The Bourbon trees that Has Bean bought all the crop from last year have thrived in the past 11 months and are looking very healthy. In spite of this, disappointingly the crop has underperformed producing less that last year. It seems the bourbon tree is not a fan of high yields and organic farming, and it seems that it is very difficult to grow in these growing conditions. Plans to extend the bourbon plants by a 1000 have been put on hold because of this, and maybe put off completely.

Instead of planting more Bourbon Nelson has allowed me to choose what to plant, in a mini Fazenda Has Bean Project. I have suggested two to Nelson who will go see if he can get the seedlings to start it off, and will be a Has Bean Exclusive.

The farm in general looks amazing and much work have been done over the past twelve months, investment of money time and energy is starting to pay off.

Cupping of the naturals, pulp naturals and washed were interesting so early in the season. The naturals stood out for special praise, you could taste the attention to detail.

All in all a farm that feels like its progressing and moving forwards in the specialty and quality.

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