Farm Review from Fazenda Aranquan

So from past trips I tend to do like a travel diary and this time I decided it was time to change that. so for this trip I’ve done like a farm review on every farm I visited and I’m putting together a little video slide show of photos with a voice over from there.

This is the first time I’ve done this so please be forgiving as I learn a new bit of video stuff.

Farm Name: Fazenda aranquan
Producers Name:Luca Allegro
Region:Chapada Diamantina
Altitude:1050 to 1200 meters above sea level
Varieties Grown:Catura, Acaua, catucai 144, catucai, catura
Last visit: November 2009

Report: Since the last visit in 2009 like the neighboring Floresta much of the work has been done in upgrading drying patio facilities. This farm has gone a major overhaul and lots of the old plant stock removed and lots (and I mean lots) of new planting. Luca has hosted me on both of my trips to the Diamantina but last year had little to show me because of the new planting. Its a similar story this year but its amazing to be involved with the farm so early in its development. The one offering we did get chance to look at was the Catura washed coffee from the older plants. Processed by Nelson from fazenda floresta (these farms have very close links) its one of the best washed brazils I’ve tasted in a very long time. Pending samples back home I think this will be a huge coffee for us next year.

New planting involve catucai 144 which is gives just red fruit (as opposed to catucai normal which produces both coloured fruits) and Acaua which produces 40% peaberry. Another exciting coffee we cupped was the peaberry from this and the catura, I cupped the natural one and it was a very special cup. There were some discussions that they pulped natural and natural may not be able to be split, but we will see if we can twist some arms to make this happen.

I think in the coming years we will see more of this farm, its a baby at the moment but has the potential / plant stock / skills / processing to make some very grown up coffees.

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  1. Really enjoyed that steve – nice chilled way of showcasing the farm and whats going on.. thumbs up! 🙂

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