I've got a problem!

Ok I’m going to have to join a self help group, sit in a big circle and say

“Hello my name is Stephen Leighton and I’m an El Salvador-a-holic”

We are now holding two cup of excellence’s

El Salvador Finca Las Victorias
El Salvador Las Mercedes

We hold a 100% El Salvador Blend

El Salvador “La Selecta” Espresso Blend

And three yes that’s right three, single estate coffees in

El Salvador Finca La Fany Bourbon
El Salvador El Borbollon
El Salvador Los Planes

Its ridiculous, its silly but when coffees cup this good on the table I’m going to stock them. The El Borbollon and the Las Mercedes are here today gone tomorrow offering I’m afraid, the others we will have to wait and see.

We have also added Nicaraguan Cup of excellence Los Laureles which is fantastic filter/ french press coffee, and again in short supply. It’s to replace the Nicaragua Coop 22 de Septiembre which will be leaving us very shortly VERY VERY SHORTLY THIS WEEK.

But for a few days bask in the glory of nine cup of excellence offerings of which only one (the Nicaraguan copp 22de septimbre) is past crop, ohh it’s a joy to behold (for me anyway) 🙂

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  1. Steve….may i sit with you? 😉 looooove my country…. can’t help it!!…oh, by the way! “La Selecta” name for a espresso blend, It is AWESOME…

  2. could be worse. could be a vietnamaholic. or a chinaholic. or an ivory coastaholic. or a….

  3. I’m with you on El Salvador! I haven’t tried a espresso blend yet of all El Sal coffees, but I’ve been thinking about it. Reading this has me motivated to start working on it this week!

  4. Let me know what you get larry, perhaps we could swap some I’d love to try some of your coffee.

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