El Salvador La Illusion number one cup of excellence lot

We have waited so long for this coffee to arrive but today it did. Its been delayed due to packing, the first container was rejected because it had a taint, then the shipping company went belly up, delays and strange things that just don’t normally happen.

But at last I have it in the building and the first batch has been roasted.

All the pre orders have been fulfilled today so those lucky people who planned ahead you have a coffee treat arriving soon.

For the rest of you expect to see this coffee later tomorrow (afternoon) on the site, I’m sure I’ll post something up to let you know.

Great coffee, that we are so lucky to have I cant wait for you to all try it.

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  1. Where’s this secret preorder page then Steve? 😉 Due another order soon, this one sounds interesting! (as well as about 50 others, argh)

  2. Taken down as it goes live tonight for general sale (well maybe this afternoon), will blog about it once its on.

  3. Fair enough, thought I was just doing something stupid. I’ll just be patient then. 🙂

  4. Sounding good, I can smell it form here mmmmmmm!!!! 🙂

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