Coffee 101 sign up issues

Really sorry but coffee101 had some sign up issues yesterday with the conformation emails not coming through quickly. They should be all caught up now. But if you have / had any problems please let me know. Sign up has exceeded my wildest expectations, and thank you all. Looking through the list of people some of you have been very naughty, your not beginners in coffee at all but veterans of the art of beverage making, but I hope you still find it interesting. Please please please drop me an email with your feedback, what you like what you don’t and what I could change to make it more interesting.

On another note I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely emails we have received after the fire last week. From the offers of help and coming to work with us for gratis (well maybe a little coffee), to the links and ideas about fire prevention in the future, to the down right hilarious cartoons of fire fighting and pictures of burning buildings. You truly are the most special customers in the world and we are so lucky to have such a nice bunch of friends like you lot. Things are getting back to normal now and we hope to have some news really soon about he next steps.

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  1. > But if you have / had any problems please let me know.

    Only that the input fields weren’t visible with Ad-blocker Plus in Firefox. Don’t know the external email provider got themselves blacklisted?

    I’ve read the first two articles and found it very interesting and am looking forward to the remaining installments!



  2. Well, it’s working just fine for me.

    And thanks for all the info! Really well researched and thought out – i couldn’t resist relaying some of it over the breakfast table.

  3. Thanks to the comments on this blog I disabled adblock plus to find the signup form.

    adblock plus filters the forms.aweber -javascript that creates the signp form. Is it necessary to have the form created by external javascript, is a good question though.

  4. I heard that from someone else too Jani, this is the only code I have from the guys running the email service, so not sure I can get around it.

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