10 Sergios a leaping

I’m struggling with links to these 12 days of christmas so 10 sergios a leaping seems appropriate.

A new coffee a new day, its been a marathon ten days but this is an old favourite coming back for a very short time. Owned by Sergio who has become a good friend (and I hope to get the normal christmas email any day soon) who has made this micro lot “Parcela el Pollo” which I thought was packet of chicken but parcela can also mena small plot/area. The ‘chicken plot’ is situated at the very highest point of the farm which is 1770 metres above sea level. It’s a mix of Bourbon and Catuai varietals, which are hand picked, fully washed and sun dried.

In the cup expect big toffee sweetness and viscosity, paired with brown sugar and a super clean finish. Lovely grape like acidity, tight but complex. A great espresso and lovely filter brewed coffee.

you can buy it here

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