11 pipers tamping

So we are nearly there, one day to go, and today, we introduce some lovely tampers for you at a great price.

Made in the UK by craftsmen, these are available in 53 mm and 58 mm and in a light wood and a dark wood

You should really check them out here. I think they are not only lovely but great value too

On a side note as I am not blogging but marketing at the moment, you need to know that in my mug this week will be amazing. I have a good feeling EVERYONE will be happy. If you do not subscribe can I urge you to immediately. That is all

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  1. Could you add these to the Coffee Ancillaries>Tamper section of your webshop please, completely missed them when I was present shopping yesterday!

    It’s ok though, bought my dad the nice milk jug instead though, but wouldn’t want other folk to miss them.

  2. Hi Chris

    Only got added late last night but is in the brewing equipment part. When we get the next tampers added I’ll sort it then for sure

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