Wrap up from the trip.

Well i’ve been back a while now and haven’t really wrapped up the week away. El Salvador was absolutely amazing. The people make the place, and every one (and I truly mean everyone) we met was so special. The farms again memorable one of the best Times I’ve had. It was great to go to the COE presentation evening kind of icing on the cake.

Ernesto an Me

More winning Farmers

La Fany was everything I hoped and more a great time

Up a La Fany Tree

El Bourbollon I wasn’t looking forward so much as its difficult to get excited about being from a number of farms and not one. But it was my biggest surprise of the trip. I loved it every part even feeling unwell.

El Bourbollon

The drive from El Salvador to Nicaragua I wouldn’t want to do again but getting to see so much of Nicaragua the first country I ever visited. But the first time I didn’t see anything apart from the capital. So to see ocatal and Matagalpa was very cool. Stopping on the farm was also great fun.

It was a tough this time with all the traveling I think I’m getting old and feeling it more than I used to. The friday I crashed in the hotel room and eat lots of room service, did some work surfed the net and watched some rubbish TV.

The hospitality of Roberto was legendary, and I will be forever grateful for the way he looked after us during our stay, special times indeed

Lots been happening since I’ve got back, some photos to share soon with the new space (the main reason for me being quite).

More blogging soon.

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  1. Welcome back Steve!

    Lets catch up soon mate!

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