Another new delivery

Another new roaster at Has Bean Towers. My Ambex YM 2 was the very first roaster I had, and has been used every day for over 7 years. I also got it second hand so it’s seen some service and roasted quite a few tons in its time. But around 18 months ago it suffered with a large fire, and its never bee the same since.

Our small roaster is as important to us as our big 25kg one as we roast to order every day, so I needed it to be replaced. After much soul searching (and penny searching) last october I ordered one from Ambex again.

Its taken a long while to come as we decided to have the full computer profiling unit for it around the time it was going to be shipped. I decided this was a good idea for consistency regardless of who is roasting it. Also its a great audit tool to go over past roasts.


We had a couple of issues when the machine first arrived but we have gotten over those now and have been waiting for it to be connected up the flue to exhaust it.

My chimney guy (who is a legend and does such a great job) did his thing this Saturday and I’ve been playing ever since. Its better than I could have imagined and I’m really pleased with it.

Some shots to get your interest 🙂



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  1. Some serious kit Steve! Glad to see and hear it is all installed! 🙂

  2. Steve: You are my idol.

  3. Ohhh so shiny! I’m loving the computer control part. Brilliant mate 😀

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