Seven swans a swimming (in a waterfall)

Day seven of our rather protracted days of christmas and this one gives me great pleasure.

This coffee I think is the foundation we have built has bean on. It was the first time that I truly understood what coffee could be. I made a video while I was on my only visit to the farm where I get all gushy, I don’t think I can watch it back, but you can if you wish to drown in smush

Its great to have this coffee back. but to counteract the serious video, there is one here thats a little more silly from the same farm.

But you can buy it here

The seven swans a swimming in a waterfall title just a play on Cachoeria meaning waterfall in Portuguese

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  1. Lovely video, it’s so sincere. I think not only you are lucky to do the job you always wanted to do, but you give so much to those who are interested in coffee…share you knowledge and provide inspiration. You make people happy! 🙂

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