Rwandan Football Team Update

I promised you an update on our Rwandan football team we are sponsoring

The strips have arrived and here we have some blurry photos of them in our strip and our supplier Mercanta. The boys are going to be competing in a championship that will start on 14thApril, and we will keep you posted how they do. Take a look at our flikr site

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  1. Good luck to them – especially in those colours!!!

  2. .
    Hope that no players after a couple of minutes late for the coach or training !!!!

    kidding aside … good on you guys at HasBean Coffee for doing something wonderfull just because it brings happiness to the people who ultimatly bring all of us happiness.

  3. Top stuff indeed, they must be dead pleased with the kit … they’ll all be dying their hair ginger soon πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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