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  1. strange price point for me. Not a *tremendous* amount more money will get you a second hand Gaggia Classic in perfect nick.
    Still, nice review! I like the format, and look forward to seeing more. You mention the aeropress – why not do something on that? I’d also LOVE to see a review of the Hario vac pots you’ve got on the site…

  2. I think its MUCH better results than something like Gaggia Classic, but agree its a strange price, I think if it was cheaper they would sell a boat load of them.

    Vac pots that’s something to think on.

  3. Jim Schulman did some extensive tests with this espresso brewer (it wins that classification by the fact that it can produce up to 130psi in the water chamber pressing onto the bed of coffee) a couple of years ago. His conclusion was that it was passable, though felt that some of the materials (IIRC, the plastic flanges and plastic dispersion screen) lead to weird extraction results.

    I’ve used one extensively a few months back myself, and found that the closer you get to having boiling water in the upper chamber (lots of preheating), the better the results. However, I also have some scald marks on my arm (well, no longer, but had them) because the bloody thing went flying across the counter once when I was pressing down, and slipped. It can be dangerous, esp. if you grind coffee fine.

    Results though? Definitely passable espresso.

  4. I agree 100% Mark, I think its ok, I think its better than the steam toys out there, but its far from perfect. A bit cheaper and a little more development work there is some potential

  5. Nice video and had never seen the product before (here in the usa).

    The Aeropress makes an OK demitasse of coffee, but espresso? Not even close. Yours looked better with this machine!


  6. Did I read that right Steve? Are you saying that the Presso porduces better shots than a Gaggia Classic? I own a aeropress (bought it from some dodgy mackem) and whilst I think its a fab piece of kit, I don’t think it touches my classic for espressos. Having watched your review of the presso I find it hard to believe that what you drank is MUCH better than a shot you could pull from a classic.

    Perhaps you need to brush up on your barrista skills mate! 😉


  7. Seriously I do think its better than a gaggia home machine. Put it up against a Silvia then may it will struggle, but its right up there.

    I think its VERY different to the aeropress. the aeropress is still for me one of the best brewed coffee brewers out there. But espresso it is not. this is much closer to what I call espresso.

  8. Its much less messy if you press it a second time into another cup to get rid of the last of the water before romoving the portafilter.
    Also with a little extra playing around you can improve the shots quite a lot, you’ll find pre heating the presso by pouring some hot water thru it before you fill the portafilter, using a fine grind, and alwaays overfill it will help alot.
    Also the right water temperature is crucial, even when pre heated you need water thats just boiled to stand a chance of it being around 95°C when you pull the shot.

  9. I have had a presso for nearly a year and thought I would give some info I dont read on the net much. Firstly it does make a good coffee/crema as in pics. Now the problems, after about 6 months of using it every day it just lost its sealing and wouldnt keep pressure anymore. I got another O ring but this did not fix the problem, eventually they replaced the unit but I know of another person who is beginning to have the same problem. I think it might be the fact the piston is made of plastic and the heat is warping it over time. A design this simple should last 50 years. Another thing not so good about it is that the aluminium oxidizes in a short while taking away its shine and leaves grey marks on your bench when u move it.

  10. Great, honest review. Made me chuckle a couple of time! Thanks. Not going to buy one of these now!

    You’ve got to be from my neck of the woods with that accent….

    Keep well.

  11. I make no bones about the fact that I am a massive fan of the Presso. I’ve had mine since August and I use it daily, It makes, in my opinion, the perfect espresso with freshly ground beans. I’m a latte drinker so, OK, it’s a pain to heat my milk separately, but no pain no gain right? I have yet to come across a product this simple, reliable and cost effective for the results you achieve.

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