The Behmor Home Roaster

The roaster is getting closer. I know this has been very drawn out, but its not easy to get a new machine CE approved and deal with all the challenges of importing and storing large amounts of roasters. This one has been more challenging than before because of the scale, but we are nearly there.

Production has been planned and although reluctant to give an exact date, lets just say its very close. To find out exactly when we do sign up to the list on the page here. The list will be the first to be told about the pre orders too.

Are you a retailer in Europe interested in selling the Behmor. Please also contact me and I’ll tell you more once they are afloat. We are going to be the European distributor for these machines and can help you sell them.


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  1. Hi – know where i can acquire a Behmor 1600 Roaster in the UK or Europe? I can only find it in the US. Thanks, Mat.

  2. Non until spring 2012 when the next production run gets done sorry πŸ™

  3. Anything new about Behmor shipped to Europe ? Thanks.

  4. Afraid CE changes (european approval) means its delayed further, although we are making progress

  5. Hi. I am also interested purchasing a Behmor 1600. I live in Austria, so I would need a AC 240 Volts version.
    Please tell me about your actual status!

  6. Hi Peter you can buy in Austrailia, they have a web site. Just tap behmor and it will come up

  7. When will it be available in UK. I have tried to get from US but hard work

  8. Hi Steve, any news for a european distributor?



  9. I am interested in roasting my own coffee for me and my friends. Could you recommend a good quality roaster that can be purchased in the UK please. Also I am at the very early stages of learning about coffee, in addition to your informative web site where do I go for information/updates. Many thanks Gail

  10. Afraid at the moment there are no home roasters I would recommend available in the UK. We still don’t have a date when the behmors will be back but hope that they will be this year

  11. Hi, can you advise whether you are still planning to introduce the Behmor 1600 to th UK market?
    Thanks, Justin

  12. I’ve got the Behmor with the large grid drum, does anyone know where to buy the small grid drum in EU?

  13. All of the UK and EU roasters came with the smaller mesh as per my spec

  14. Not if you bought it in 2009 :-).

  15. Yes it is ! They were only ever shipped with the smaller mesh

  16. The mesh on my drum are 5mm, maybe 4,9mm, is that small or large?

  17. You guys are right, just got a mail from Bob at Behmor, 5mm would be small mesh.

  18. We have only every sold the EU version with small mesh

  19. im currently looking for a coffee roaster and I have read some great reviews about the behmor 1600 is it available in the UK yet?

  20. Afraid no dates yet πŸ™

  21. Any chance the Behmor becomes available in the UK until the end of this year?

  22. Afraid I have no idea Boris sorry we still wait patiently

  23. Oh well, I guess I’ll be happy if it happens whenever it happens so waiting a couple of months is OK. Thanks!

  24. no news I guess? Whats about the Behmor 1600 Plus Upgrade Module – any chnaces to get it?

  25. Still no news, the Plus model still suffers from not meeting the EU regulations of how hot it gets outside the roaster, so the rest of the world don’t mind, but the EU is worried about stupid people touching surfaces. We continue to try and find a solution to it.

  26. Any update on the Behmor CE certification?

  27. Would be interested as a retailer in Germany, so signing up to the comment thread. Good luck with the regulations, EU-law can drive you insane ;-).

  28. Still no updates? πŸ™

  29. Posting a second comment since I forgot to check “Notify me on followup comments via e-mail” πŸ™‚

  30. Still waiting, more CE set backs πŸ™

  31. That’s a real shame πŸ™

    Thanks for the update though πŸ™‚

  32. Any news on the CE issue?

  33. No news yet I’m afraid Jazze

  34. TamΓ‘s Ferencz 25 March, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    Would be great if we could buy this in Europe…

  35. Hi,
    We bought a Behmore 1600 second hand on eBay. A great machine !!
    But now we need a spare fan and don’t get any answer from Behmor USA …
    Hoping to have a rapid solution.

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