Northern Heat UK Barista Competition

Yesterday was the UK Barista competition northern heats. I was hoping to go but its clashed with me being away for a couple of days Thursday, Friday (more to come) so work was backed up.

The reason I wanted to go was, we had three customers competing in the event, using coffee roasted by us. The best part was they were using the coffee they use in there shops every day which I think was really cool. The very good news is all three finished in the top six with two of them taking third and first.

Roasters Coffee Scarborough

Barry and Duncan competed from this shop ( ) in Scarborough. Barry is the shop owner and not only a customer but a good friend (seems to go a it hand in hand with most of our customers).

He has a real passion for doing things right and everyone who has been to his shop has seen this and experienced it. He held an open evening where he got 40 odd people to come listen to me chat coffee for two hours and they even enjoyed it ( ) Barry by all accounts did really well (I have my spies) and finished up winning the whole dam thing 🙂 Duncan also did really well coming sixth (I wish I could compete and finish sixth I’d be back of the class with a big pat on).

Alto Café Barnsley

Dino came to us a couple of years ago at Café Culture and straight away I knew he knew his stuff (or at least was willing to learn more if it). He wanted something to make his shop stand out and he also wanted something that tasted good. We have worked hard with Dino to perfect his blend and his third place at the first time of competing I think is great and deserves a huge pat on the back. Dino had a few problems with the presentation (technical stuff) but to finished up third which is a real achievement, I know he was disappointed but he really shouldn’t be. Go visit him at his shop more details

So when your near by pop in visit them and try some really good competition standard coffee every day of the week. Well done guys I’m all proud and emotional.

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  1. Excellent stuff – are these events open to the public Steve? Would be useful to post a calendar of events up! 🙂

  2. Well done Barry and all! Hope to get to see the routines in the finals.

    Jon – the calender can be found here (steve – hope you dont mind me adding a link?), Well worth going and watching – next one is the Bristol heats on Weds 16th.

  3. Well done paul as above 🙂

  4. Well done Steve good blending old Chap….and you’ve got a manager of your football team. Lucky sod! Haway the managerless Toon.

    Review of the event is here hasbean readers.

  5. Thanks for your part Steve.
    Relationship for me is the key word in any success, so a big thanks you for your passion and dedication to the craft 52 weeks a year and not just a couple of weeks of the year.

    This year is going to be so much fun!

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