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Sorry for my lack of posts over the past week, but I’ve been fighting jet lag, and running back into another busy week. Last weekend I was in Miami, I left the UK on the Thursday Lunchtime and arrived back Monday morning. As part of my responsibilities on the board of directors for the Alliance of Coffee Excellence (COE), I had to attend a meeting. Is not such a bad thing it being in Miami, but it’s a long way to go for a one-day meeting.

I did have the Saturday off which was very nice and I sat around did some shopping (the apple shop was calling) and had a walk along Miami Beech. I also went to see where Miami Ink is filmed (a satellite TV show) as John who works for us wanted me to go find it. I’d love to show you lots of photos but my camera is broken, so I had one or two I took with my phone but they’re not so good.
The Friday evening was the very best part for the weekend for me. At the meeting was Gabriel from the Farm in Brazil cachoeira. After the meeting myself and three other friends went out to a restaurant and had some food and a few drinks with Gabriel who was wonderful company (along with the other people of course). It was such a thrill as Gabriel is a bit of a hero of mine, but I managed to hold it together. There was a surreal moment where I realised I was on Ocean Drive in Miami eating a lovely meal with the guy who changed my whole opinion on what coffee could be.
On the Sunday I had an 11-hour layover in Philadelphia. I went to the famous Rocky steps and had a wander around town but most of it was closed, as it was Sunday. But it didn’t matter so much as Philadelphia airport is easily the best US airport I’ve visited. The real ale pub they had and the Internet booths that you can rent are top draw.
Arriving back at 10am on Monday by 11am I was at the roaster. Dedication or what ☺
Take a look at the photos here

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  1. Sounds like a busy trip Steve. What happened to the 350D, or shouldn’t I ask?… David

  2. I managed to bend the pins on the memory card pot not clever at all, its all very sad. got to take it to the repair shop. 🙁

  3. 11 hours in Philly? Sorry, friend. 🙂 Seriously, though; you might could’ve asked me for some tips. I used to live there, you know. It only SEEMS the city is quiet on Sundays… 🙂

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