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It doesn’t get more meta than that, does it? Anywho, we’ve got a fancy new newsletter.

For a long long time we sent out a newsletter every month. We have a lot going on at Has Bean and I know it can sometimes be hard to keep up. A monthly round-up is useful not only for you but also for us to see how much we’ve done and how many delicious new coffees we have.

But the newsletter turned into such a big thing that every time we sent one out it sent us into a spiral of lots of orders. So the time between sending newsletters slipped and a few months became a few years.

Roll on a bit and we’re up to present day, but after so long without sending a newsletter our partners Campaign Monitor told us that we couldn’t use the list we had from last time as it was too old, so we had to start building up the mailing list from scratch.

If you haven’t received a newsletter from us in a while (longer than a month) then you’re missing out! The lack of newsletter means that sadly your address was moved from our happy subscribers list to the list of people we can no longer email : ( however fear not, all is not lost! If you’d like to get back onboard all you need to do is enter your email address in the box below and click ‘Subscribe’ : )

What do we talk about in the newsletter? New coffees, new equipment, blog posts, where in the world I am at the moment…basically all sorts of fun stuff! We also like to include newsletter exclusive discount codes for things we’ve talked about ; ) if you’d like to see the kind of thing you’ve been missing out on then take a look at our most recent newsletter (November 2016) here…

Link to Novembers Newsletter

So sign up now! Once you’ve done that little bit of work just sit back, relax and let the monthly Steve roll into your inbox : D Sharing is caring x

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  1. I can’t buy any more beans!?? My PayPal keeps being rejected.
    How else do I get in touch with you. Does the app need updating?? I’ve tried it again and again.
    Mike Hutton

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