Merry Christmas, its that time of year again.

We have turned on our Christmas decorations, we hope you approve.

So its the last of the guest blends, we have had 12 months of fun, and it seems only right to thank you all for that fun. The Christmas Present Blend is a gift. Its a single origin coffee, thats a very special gift for you, and its free. But there are some rules

1. Its a surprise, it comes wrapped in special Has Bean Wrapping paper, you can keep until Christmas if you want, but I suggest its an early Christmas present.

2. Its free. You pay the postage and we give you an early Christmas present (the postage thing was we could let international friends be involved and people taking advantage)

3. YOU CAN ONLY ORDER ONE, Anyone found trying to trick the system or sending to another address (were checking IP addresses) santa will not come to you.

4. Enjoy it, leave a review on the coffee tell us on email how much you enjoy it.

5. its a VERY special coffee, I mean VERY special

You can buy it here

when its gone its gone and we reckon that will be quickly.

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  1. No Guest Blend (subscription) next year? I have enjoyed it this year.

  2. Stephen Leighton 1 December, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Yes afraid no guest next year, its been lots of work (and lots of money) so maybe a break for a year, and maybe re visit next.

  3. I feared that would be the case. Dropping from 1000 bags to 500 bags almost immediately wasn’t a good sign for the commercial viability of the project.

    On a more positive side it does mean that I can buy 12 more bags a year that I choose and possibly drink more of the ‘multiple processing methods for the same beans’ that I enjoy so much.

  4. Pity about guest subscription 2014… I really enjoyed the 2013 offering. It certainly pushed the envelope… Maybe the world needs a year to play catch up & Steve can work his magic again soon

  5. Just catching my breath, who knows what the christmas break might bring, maybe something new 🙂

  6. My subscription bag has arrived! How can I say thank you enough?


  7. Your most welcome Roland !

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