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  1. Am I behind the times. Ive just started visiting your Blog and dont get Twitter at all and have never blogged – but thats me. Audio Blog is good thats two you have done now and Ive listened to both – unless there is one youve sneeked in which I have missed?
    Sounds with the revamp these could be exciting times.
    In My Mug is excellent and so too is Tamper Tantrum although some may go on a bit but hey its all part of the enjoyment.

  2. Hi Steve

    I totally agree with your vision. I regularly drop in on hasblog when I haev a spare few minutes. I don’t twitter at all and have no desire to go down that route. In-my-mug is fantastic and is a great way for me to end the day (I am usually brushing my teeth whilst watching!).

    Hasblog on the other hand seems the ideal place for articles. I warn you though if there is anything slagging off my football team I will switch to Monmouth!!!

    Best of luck.

    p.s. I won’t really switch, I’ll just sulk.

  3. I was afraid when I started to listen to this you were going to bag HasBlog, which would have been a complete bummer. I’m glad you are gong to keep it going. While I love In My Mug and your audio stuff, I think I’m like a lot of people and tend to sneak in my Internet surfing at work. I can get away with reading blog posts, but it’s tough for me to look at videos, etc. I also think the written word is more enduring and quotable, so I if I were you I wouldn’t hesitate to continue using the blog for opinion, too!

    P.S. If you ever have worries about spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. I have years of copy editing experience. I work for coffee 🙂

  4. “…gong to keep it going.” There is a fine example of my editing skills.

  5. Great calls guys stuff I hadn’t though of, the work thing for sure Julie is a very good point.

    Damon would I mention shearer and his wonderful work 😉

    Never really thought Den that some channels just are not what some people want. hopefully the re vamp will mean there will be more channels to talk on.

  6. I’m all for the written blog. Even if it only comes rarely, when it does come there’s a good reason why it’s written and not visual or audio… The blog gives us perspective and background into why you’re doing it and keeps a much more personal character. More like a window to your thoughts. InMyMug is great and appears more interactive on the surface but in reality this interactivity is superficial, because you don’t really get out of yourself as much on video than in the blog. I agree with changing the format and making it look better, but my opinion is that you should not ditch the written personal character because somehow it feels much more like we get “the real Steve” on the blog, even if it comes rarely.

  7. Again something I hadn’t thought about Jossy thank you, good points indeed.

  8. Talking from the otherside of the world mate…

    I love the written blog, reminds me of the rants on the roastery visits. Keep it up, I know many others read it down here too.

  9. The two Audio Boos seem to have worked well, and I’d be very happy to see some more of them coming along, but I’m really in favour of the written blogs.

    I don’t oftehn get a chance to look at the blog site directly, but I’m subscribed to the RSS and usually spend my morning bus commutte to work reading through my RSS feeds on my phone – so I’m limited to text for everyday purposes.

    I’m also a bit behind on twitter, so I struggle to keep up to date on that, but I do spot (and appreciate) your tweets when I get a spare moment to check my account 😉

    That said, I like the variety of different formats that you’re using and continue to enjoy all of those that I read/listen to/watch.

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