Rasuna Varietal

Time for another Varietal post I do plan to do a few of these over the coming weeks, having got my head back into the books. If you want to see what we have done so far, I’ve created a page with them all here


Related to:Catimor and tipica


Grows Best at:1100-1300 masl


Prevalent in:Indonesia

Predominant Colour:Red

Fruit size:Standard

Leaf Characteristics:Elongated Leaves

Plant Characteristics: Medium tall tree, small elongated leaves

The Rasuna variety derives from the cross of Catimor and Tipica varietal’s.

This is a new variety being planted in Sumatra around the Takengon area.
In Sumatra there has been a push towards Catimor for its high yeilds, but it been noted to have a short production life of around 10 years, after this time has passed, yields get dramatically lower over a short

Another varietal used has been Typica, but this is a low yielded variety in Sumatra but has a much longer production life compared to Catimor before its yiled drops off.

So the obvious solution was to combine the two which they did and here it is, Rasuna

Special Notes:An example of this can be found in the Sidikalang we offer this year.

Links:Catimor and Tipica

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