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So its that time of year again when we want to have a get together, meet up with you our friends and drink some coffee together. The last ones we have done have been fairly informal affairs, chat coffee and off. But this time we have a plan, something that will make you want to come along. We also know that is going to be over subscribed this time, there is limited places with something that will be very exciting.

Its going to be in Stafford, its going to be at the roastery, and its going to be a 11pm till 4 pm learning and mix up fest.

There will be two courses (two maybe three). This will be on making espresso, steaming milk and putting it all together. Now I am no barista that we can be sure of that, so I’ve roped in the 2009 Irish Barista Champion and 2009 4th placed finalist from the World Barista Championships, and the newly crowned UK Barista 2010 Champion and 2009 UK Latte Art champion and 6th placed from the 2009 world latte art championships. Not one but two national champions. The programme will be firmed up closer to the date. But it will be an espresso fest.

Now we only have two espresso machines to do this on, so we need to keep numbers to a minimum. So when its full it full, there is a waiting list once it fills up. You need to go to this site here and RSVP as soon as possible. The price is £10 for the day, but you will leave with £10 worth of coffee at least, and also drink oodles worth of espresso, the price is more to make sure people turn up, again because of the limited space, a financial commitment always helps sort the people who may come, and will come. I’m afraid we cant allow guests with attendees because of space we just can’t accommodate them.

So should be fun, an experience like this would normally cost many many times and you wouldn’t get the coffee goodie bag at the end.

We look forwards to seeing you.

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  1. Oh my god! I would give anything to meet Colin in the flesh! He’s the best thing to happen to coffee since Kahldi!

  2. Colin I think you have met yourself enough, you’ve nailed humble

  3. I have no idea what you mean

  4. That’s so funny lmao 🙂

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