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This was something I didn’t want to post about until the dust had settled and the euphoria has died down. Just enough time for it all to settle in and enjoy the moment.

I got a little excited about the whole thing (as I do with barista competition), but I think Monday now seems like a world away and enough time has past.

We are pleased to announce to those not embroiled in the coffee world and who may not have heard that Mr John Gordon of Gorilla Tampers and Square Mile Roasters won this years United Kingdom Barista Championship with the most amazing of scores using Has Bean Coffee for his competition blend.

We are proud to have worked with john for the last two years developing and roasting competition coffee blends. John and Jess have become amazing friends, and we love working together.

We are particularly proud as John, as he has often not gone for the easy safe options, he has pushed the boundary’s of what is thought should be done and at the same time pushed my boundary’s as a roaster to try things I would have normally written off. I’m sure something that will improve me as a roaster so improve your experience as a customer.

In the finals John scored 687 which is HUGE, he also won best espresso, best cappuccino and best signature drink. Again for the uninitiated he swept everything, but the standard was so high that it was no run away. Well done to every one who competed, but of course to John.

A special well done to Jess, Johns partner trainer, sounding board and rock, Jess has been amazing getting John to be the UK barista champion (that still sounds weird) and deserves all the plaudits she has received since.

An interesting stat that I didn’t really think about until some one said, was we have roasted the coffee for three of the past five UK champions and for a tiny company like ours that’s very pleasing and bewildering. But the main reason for it is that we work with some amazingly talented baristas who are at the top of there craft. We just brown the beans they do the magic, and I’m grateful they let us along for the ride.

So what next? Well, I’m are pleased that the UK’s are out the way, time to let that dust settle and chat with John about our next steps. But we hope we will be kicking on for the WBC.

It also is time for me to start thinking about the Irish championships as we are working with Colin Harmon of Third floor espresso (3fe) again this year, competition season is always hard work but always fun.

But for now look at the video where we found and made John Gordon 🙂

Tamper Tantrum Special with John Gordon from Stephen Leighton on Vimeo.

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  1. Thank you Steve . It really was a combination of amazing coffee forces and hard work and it is a honour to be part of such a awesome team. SO proud of John.

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