Has Bean: How it all began pt 3 of 4 and other stuff.

Continuing in the series I’ve posted pt three of four on how has bean stated. If you missed part one or two take a look on our articles section section here, or you can go direct to part 3 here.

Thanks very much for all your very kind words via email or on orders about the series it’s been fantastic fun writing it, and you out there seem to have enjoyed reading it.

On other news we are seeing some really good coffee come through our cupping lab at the moment, and some stuff that’s finding its way on to the site. I’ll tell you more in the blog over the next few days, but I’ve also been working very hard on a blend that’s going to blow your mind.

Were also seeing the end of some of our regular coffees for a few weeks while we wait for few crops to arrive. What’s been a real spurt in demand and in how busy we are has caught me off guard, we normally have things quite tightly planned, but alas not this time. Coffees we are seeing disappear for a while are the Brazil Sata Terazina, the Brazil Perfetio, Verano and maybe some more once I check out our stocks. But don’t worry they will be back as soon as new crop lands. I’ll post some more late this week / the weekend.

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  1. At what time of year does the new crop Daterra usually come in?

  2. Hi James

    because of the vac packing taking longer, then its normally around January time it lands here. I must admit last years crop didn’t blow my mind as it had in previous years, so much so we didn’t take any this year.

    I’m hoping for a big improvement this year.The other issue with Daterra is that they label so much coffee as Daterra that really shouldn’t be. The reserve is amazing but its twice the price and a bit more of a coffee also called Dattera that I really didn’t like. But for some its still Dattera.

    I think the great thing about Brazil is there are a lot of great coffees out if you look hard enough.

  3. Let’s see what this year’s lot is like then…

    I agree – some stunners come out of Brazil, not just from the “big name” farms. Having said which, I have some green Daterra Reserve from just over a year ago, which produces some of the best espresso I’ve ever managed to extract. So if this year’s is good…

    But I always love it when you don’t stock something because it isn’t up to its usual standard (like the Gethumbwini – and the whole Kenyan harvest you got to sample – 2 years ago). It reassures me that everything in stock is there because of its cup quality, not its reputation. (Let’s not talk about JBM though!)

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