• Colombia

    It is believed that the first coffee seeds arrived on the American continent thanks to the French and Dutch. The French introduced the seeds to their colonies (Guyana and Martinique) at the end of the seventeenth century, while the Dutch introduced them to Surinam in 1714. Coffee was first introduced to Colombia in 1723, thanks… Continue Reading

  • Pacamaras

    This month the ‘focus on’ from in my mug is on the varietal pacamara. It’s inspired by the Yellow Pacamara we have brought in from Limoncillo, but has been many months in the writing. This yellow pacamara comes from the special auction that was held this year, called Los Favoritos Fincas Mierisch, where some very… Continue Reading

  • Ethiopian coffee and the ECX

    So I got asked to write an article by Fresh Cup Magazine (a US coffee publication) on Ethiopian coffee and the ECX. It was in last months edition, so I thought that I would share it with you here now, I hope you enjoy How Ethiopia is stonewalling specialty buyers by Stephen Leighton Ethiopia is one… Continue Reading

  • An Article on Barista Competitions

    I was asked a couple of months ago to write an article for fresh cup magazine on barista competition. Its been a couple of months now, and desperate to get back blogging, I thought I would share. As a roaster, writing an article about barista competitions is a somewhat unusual task. But I ask you… Continue Reading

  • SL28 Varietal Post

    Another Varietal post this time on the much love SL 28 which is commonly found in Africa and primarily in Kenya, although lots of work is being done in other countries to see how this varietal might work, in different circumstances and climates. I’ve found it quite hard to find out lots about this, so… Continue Reading

  • What are Peaberrys?

    Like busses I’ve waited for a great peaberry (not ignoring the Indian Peaberry Bold) and two have come along. The new Bolivian San Ignacio and the nearly here (well here just not got the profile nailed yet) Brazil Fazenda Aranquan Pulped Natural Peaberry which will be sorted in the next few days. There was a… Continue Reading